Алена Водонаева вновь съязвила в адрес Веры Брежневой Last summer between the presenter and singer had a conflict. Open hostility to each other, neither the first nor the second is not reported, however, Alain wrote unflattering comments about the Faith on page one of the fan communities on Instagram.
Алена Водонаева вновь съязвила в адрес Веры Брежневой

TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva – active user of Instagram. In his microblog star often shares his thoughts with fans. Last summer one of her publications was the cause of the conflict with singer Vera Brezhneva. The post Alena, where she openly criticizes the whole Russian show-business, although no specific names have been cited on many resources. Then, some netizens began to put forward the version about whom spoke Vodonaeva. Most attributed the star criticism of Brezhnev.

“We live in a country of double standards. In a very contradictory society. In which a girl who is 20 years participated in the reality show and met up with the boys in sympathy, will be respected less than a girl, HMG 20 years in the women’s team, (…) sleeping with a married producer (singer, Director, businessman, man, in General!) or more trenchant – took him from his family! Yesterday talked a lot on these topics with Cemal. The hypocrisy and prostitution, diligence and honesty to oneself and others”, – wrote Vodonaeva Instagram.

As a result, as reported by Allen, Faith blocked her on Instagram. But this conflict, as it turned out, had not been exhausted, the presenter continues to speak to the singer.

“She’s so good. Grandfathers old loves. And one already lives. Sincere, bright, honest”, – signed photo of Vera Allen.

It should be noted that Vodonaeva ironically writes about Brezhnev.

“I think where I Vera Brezhneva ribbon go away. For many years it signed. Liked the art, liked to look at beautiful photos. Gaining her account – I in the block. Hmm… Puzzled, I called my Director with a question: maybe I do not know? And it turns out that various (…) sites and the public have taken away my post about the singers and the girls from show business, I’ve pulled out of context, made up articles and filed as “direct speech” Vodonaevoy about Brezhnev,” shared leading microblog.