Alain Vodonaeva published personal correspondence

Алена Водонаева обнародовала личные переписки “StarHit” looked into the iPhone leading the show “Pair of Normal”. Photo of son and fun with friends are just some that we have found. Alain Vodonaeva showed how to communicate with loved ones and whose photos consistently adorns her Desk gadget.
Алена Водонаева обнародовала личные переписки

Despite a fairly active life in social networks, Alena Vodonaeva used to be silent about the individual and not to disclose all the details of her communication with loved ones. Fans of the presenter, sometimes you have to just guess on how to pass her meeting with friends what she’s talking about family and what holds in the phone, not showing anyone. “StarHit” former participant “Houses-2” have made an exception and showed the contents of her iPhone, letting you just search, you can say, where previously had no access to outsiders.

As it turned out, maintains contact Alena mostly by messengers – it saves time and allows online to share photos and videos with loved ones. “Telegram is my favorite among the messengers, because when you are sending does not spoil the quality of the photo,” explained Vodonaeva.

As for the popular app WhatsApp, it is the star talks to friends in the General chat. It was there that they share with each other the latest news from the life, joke, and discuss familiar and just keeping in touch.

“Going with friends in the chat, called it a “Secret fan club Kai Metov” – said Vodonaeva. A fragment of one of the correspondences celebrity shared with “StarHit”.
Алена Водонаева обнародовала личные переписки

For anybody not a secret how much of Alena tied to a six-year-old son Bogdan. The reality star is doing everything to ensure that baby received the best education that is constantly evolving and in no way needed. Fans Vodonaevoy know how much value it gives any small success of the heir and cherishes the time spent with him. On the desktop of your phone’s beauty store shared a photo with little Bo, as she affectionately calls the boy, and admiring the whenever taking the gadget in his hands.

“On the splash screen I always have a photo of his son. Bogdan six years and I love it. But Bo does not always want to be photographed. A real man. In General, the phone store many images – of home and friends,” explained Alena.