Алена Водонаева готовится к семейной жизни

Socialite first went on vacation together with fiancé and son.

For anybody not a secret that the last month of summer Vodonaeva son spends at sea. Bogdan along with her mother have often been in Italy, in America, and this year the choice fell on teledive the heart of Spain – Barcelona.

But it is curious that, for the first time they went to sea together. The company was the groom Alena Anton Korotkov.

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Alain, Anton and Bogdan settled in a cozy apartment in the city centre, a 15-minute taxi ride to the beach.

But the sea, according to fotoblog Alena, they looked a couple of times. The rest of the time the family spends walking through the historic streets of Barcelona. And, it seems, this time Alena has decided not to seek the help of nannies. Bogdan walks all day long with mom and Anton.

Telediva, by the way, has repeatedly said that Anton gets on well with her son. Moreover, they already had their “men’s business” in which they devote.

We will remind, Alena and Anton met six years ago in the company of mutual friends. And already last summer, the guy did Allen offer. However, with the wedding they are in no hurry. And as stated Vodonaeva a couple of months ago, the ceremony will take place not earlier than next summer. But who knows? In spite of the idyll that reigns in a pair of may change your mind…

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