Alain Vodonaeva planned the wedding with Stas Piekha

Алена Водонаева спланировала свадьбу со Стасом Пьехой
The TV presenter revealed the secret of his personal life.

Alain Vodonaeva and Stas Peha

Photo: @alenavodonaeva (Instagram Alena Vodonaevoy)

Alain Vodonaeva revealed a terrible secret. It turned out that as a student she planned the wedding with his idol, Stas Piekha. The presenter even managed to inform your friends. “Remember, going into the audience before a pair of “history of Russian journalism”, from the threshold told his classmates: “Hey Guys, I fell in love with Stas Peha! Will soon move to Moscow and marry him!” However, the singer that Vodonaeva going to play with him wedding, of course, did not know.

It ended up that Vodonaevoy had to focus on writing the thesis, and about your love Alena as-that have forgotten. And after many years the star of “House-2” told him this story in person. “Well, today met with Stas, I remember this story… Stas, and a special thank you. I have 15 years, live in Moscow and married is not going to!” — wrote Alena.

By the way, some time ago Vodonaeva has seriously planned the wedding with her partner Anton Korotkov. First, however, the marriage date was postponed to the year ahead, and then lovers and did want to marry anymore. Alena then admitted that the reason for their sudden breakup was the jealousy of a boyfriend to her popularity.