Алена Водонаева прошла святой обряд на Бали
Star wants to get rid of the “bitchiness”.

Photo: Instagram

By old Russian tradition Alain Vodonaeva with her husband just after the New year left on vacation. Like many stars, the TV presenter has chosen for his holiday island of Bali, famous for its unique atmosphere, spirituality and an abundance of ancient monasteries.

One of these Holy places and went to Alena and Alex a week after the start of the trip. The Lempuyang temple is called “stairway to heaven” and “temples in the clouds” as it sits at an altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level. On the mountain you need to climb on foot, passing through the gates, which symbolize purification.

The most popular place for a photo area with views of mount Agung. A month ago, due to the earthquake woke up the volcano, which was urgently evacuated hundreds of thousands of people. But now everything seems calm. This is evident in the photo, which was published Vodonaeva.

In a gorgeous pink dress from the designer, which is somewhat reminiscent of traditional clothes Balinese women, she has had success. One monk even started a conversation with her. Usually Balinese people first ask a woman if she has a husband. If not doing the rite on marriage. The second question is about the money. If they have, then they clarify what you want.

“The monk sprinkled Holy water on my head, — said Vodonaeva. — I hope my character will improve! It is so important to believe in miracles!”

Apparently, Alain is suffering because of his temper. But fans of girls don’t agree with her. They believe that her character is a highlight, losing which, Vodonaeva will be “fresh”.