Алена Водонаева страдает от лишнего веса
The presenter promised the fans to lose weight in a week.

Alena Vodonaeva

Alain Vodonaeva shared their feelings about the
extra pounds. TV presenter admitted that strongly recovered from
that left sports and refused to eat. Acknowledging a mistake,
Alain has promised to deal with them, and exactly a week to demonstrate the result.

“I missed a week
training, plus infinitely ate, — frankly admitted Vodonaeva. — And this,
noticeable unfortunately. Although there is, fortunately, much! Exactly a week will do
the same picture, only this time with the press.”

By the way, this year’s wedding Alena Vodonaevoy and its
beloved Anton Korotkov may not happen. Just recently became
it is known that the pair
set a date for the wedding, but plans are Alena and Anton sharply
changed. As a result, the wedding has been postponed indefinitely.

The reason for this sudden change of mood Vodonaevoy and its
the groom is in… national signs! It turned out, Alena did not even think that
getting married in a leap year, and this is a bad omen. This
period of time is not recommended to marry. Vodonaeva listened to
the advice and canceled the upcoming wedding.

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