Alain Vodonaeva outraged by the behavior of Yegor creed

Алена Водонаева возмущена поведением Егора Крида
After the end of the sixth season of the popular TV show “the Bachelor” on the singer Yegor creed barrage of criticism.

Алена Водонаева возмущена поведением Егора Крида

The contractor is not once allowed herself to laugh at the contestants of the reality show, specifically over the winner of the Daria Lukinoj. Such a behavior of the actor has troubled the presenter Alain Vodonaeva.

Алена Водонаева возмущена поведением Егора Крида

“The question is: why all the negativity gets no Egor, who has made his choice, pre-vitreal nerves Dasha, her rivals and millions of tele-viewers? Why are only the permanent charges of each of the second participants of insincerity and lust for publicity at his expense. Even to escape from the marriage — act more masculine than such statements,” – said Vodonaeva.

Recall that after the final show at Daria poured the tide of negativity and criticism. And according to Alena, a girl on the TV show only came for the sake of PR and not for finding love.

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