Алёна Водонаева открывает салон красоты
It has been a year the name of the former stars of the project Dom-2 Alena Vodonaevoy often appears in the headlines.

Алёна Водонаева открывает салон красоты

Recall, especially Alena “famous” insulting fat women and discussing their unfortunate appearance. Was that the way Alain drew attention to yourself and your blog to now announce the podeschi about opening a new business.

At the moment Alena Vodonaeva makes repairs in his own beauty salon:

“Left quite a bit to finish and we are opening a beautiful and cozy @lavu_beauty. Remained insignificant details in the form of some furniture, top light and accessories. Flowers ( in pots ) I really want to supply oxygen and comfort ( health ) clients. Textiles need a little left to find, maybe you want a school (Yes, I will still have school) can lead to pink shades in the interior. I will do everything so that it was cozy, cool, and all services (manicure, pedicure, coloring, makeup, styling ) performed at the highest level. We already are talking casting masters. If you want to be in our team, send your resume with regalia and examples of works in direkt @lavu_beauty. Girls, need advice and General women’s opinion ( Lord, thank you for being my Instagram audience is 70% women! ). The collective mind, tell me that in addition to quality services, friendly staff, service, cleanliness, convenient location with Parking, delicious coffee, sweets and a pleasant atmosphere even important? What exactly each of you is important when you come to the salon? Suddenly I missed something?”

– shared Alena sitting in the Barber chair.

Interestingly, while the full women’s entrance to the salon will be prohibited?

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