Alain Vodonaeva married Alexei Cosine

Алена Водонаева вышла замуж за Алексея Косинуса

In the evening of the 11th of September, the Russian model Alena Vodonaeva marry DJ Alexey Cosine. The wedding was held in Saint Petersburg, where the couple decided to spend time together.

Алена Водонаева вышла замуж за Алексея Косинуса

The wedding couple was not invited even parents, because she wants to spend time just the two of us. “The sacrament of marriage must still be a bit of a mystery, with wacky competitions it is impossible. I want to be with Alex. Then,of course, we will have dinner with her parents and son Bogdan,” — said before, the model and TV presenter.

In may this year, the couple began a romantic relationship that soon escalated into something more. Before you start Dating, you guys were friends for four years. After a month and a half relationship, Alex made the proposal of marriage to his sweetheart. The couple chose the best outfits and went to one of the registry offices Sakti Petersburg.

Vodonaeva very carefully approached the wedding party, because really wanted to make it perfect. Aspects of the training she shared in social networking with their fans. Fans would find out what dress a girl will wear and with what accessories.

Алена Водонаева вышла замуж за Алексея Косинуса

Preparing the model to their wedding exit in one of the best hotels “Lotte”. Professional stylists and designers picked for Vodonaevoy beautiful image, to which the girl added Burgundy accessories. Part of the image frame captured in pictures and put on instagram, mysteriously signed “September 11”.

On Vodonaevoy was wearing a beautiful white dress with open shoulders. Originality was added to the lace. Stylists came up with a unique yet simple way. They left the black girl’s hair loose, and makeup made easy. The main emphasis was on the eyes and elegant hands.

After preparation, the girl met her husband in a black suit. They set off to travel around the city in a vintage car. Then they go to the restaurant, where they will celebrate the wedding with a delicious table. One of the friends Alex has admitted that the newlyweds are going to spend their honeymoon in Israel.

Fans were surprised such rapid development of events. They believe that six months is too small for marriage. But the Cosine is sure that they perfectly fit each other and will live a happy family life.

It is worth noting that this is not the first celebrity marriage. In 2013, she divorced businessman Alexei Malakaeva. In marriage they had a son Bogdan.