Alain Vodonaeva longs for the son to be separated

Алена Водонаева тоскует по сыну в разлуке The media personality believes the days to meet with Bogdan. Alena Vodonaevoy, which these days is thousands of miles from home, escalated the feelings of a mother. Her only dream is to hug his son and talk to him.

      Алена Водонаева тоскует по сыну в разлуке

      Alena Vodonaeva, which these days really rich time in America where he went to participate in the filming of the video, admitted that he really misses her son.

      The media personality lives in separation with Bogdan for the second week and very keenly perceives this fact. If at the beginning of the stay in the United States, Alyona Vodonaeva told enthusiastically followers of the microblog, what an incredibly interesting event filled her days in new York, the last posts dedicated to her son Bogdan. Her, not hiding emotions because of forced separation from his successor, writes about maternal feelings, which intensified her separation from her son. “Three more days of work and meetings, the 25th is another day of shooting the clip and then home. I really want to go home, to Moscow. Really want to Bogdan. I really want to talk to him,” – wrote in the microblog Alena Vodonaeva.

      A little later, the TV celebrity was able to unburden himself and to calm down a little, after talking with my son on the phone. Now the only dream Vodonaevoy – hurry to hug his beloved boy. “Counting the days till our meeting, he signed a joint picture with the son of a young woman. – Even so want to sleep in the same bed, and that her legs and hands over my head in a dream flew”.

      Fans Vodonaevoy did not fail to notice that the photo with the son, is hardly the only one published during his stay in America, where it is so much fun and genuinely smiling. “Only sons, we are true women!”, “Absolute happiness” – says Alena fans of her post. However, not without its barbs. “And in Thailand the day is not considered?”, – asked the media personality is one of podpiski, hinting at a long rest Vodonaevoy in company with her lover Anton Korotkov last winter.

      But one of the followers noticed that during my stay in America beauty not once in my posts not remembered the chosen one. It is known that young people have quite difficult relations. Alyona and Anton began to quarrel during the stay in Thailand. Then beloved Vodonaevoy gave her the opportunity to be alone and for some time disappeared from her life and tape in Instagram. In late March, former star of “House-2” made it clear to fans that the relationship with Anton Korotkov resumed. However, it is difficult to say what they will eventually end.

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