Алена Водонаева перенесла тяжелую операцию
The presenter explained why much better.

Photo: Instagram

Stay in sight at all, the only way you can hide anything you want. This rule of life follows TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva. The girl publishes your photos and share these details of their lives with subscribers, that it seems like she says everything. But no. During preparations for her own wedding, which took place this fall in St. Petersburg, Alena managed to hide that he was on the operating table. Everything went well, but after surgical vmeshatelstva star has put on a few pounds.

“So, unfortunately, for me, this fall I from size “S” was in a size “M” — said Vodonaeva. — I had a difficult, need surgery with General anesthesia, which I didn’t tell anyone. A week before the wedding! My style! Sport was not allowed to do more than two months, metabolism swam to the country Gyrobase. For me, the “M” is much, as it tends to increase. To keep in shape one food was difficult. But I tried. Comply with the system and balance. It was during this time my husband and nutritionists one really cool team has developed a perfect system for me. And after some time we went ahead and very soon will launch the project with a daily delivery of delicious, healthy and the right food for everyone. I myself am looking forward to it, since I have no time for cooking, nor for the unfolding of food containers. I already sit on this diet, but so far I have to count calories and think every three hours to eat. Thanks to this system I already Postroenie back, and the process goes in the right direction! Waist 60, not 63!
By the way, the film on Home I said that if it were not on the planet of men, I would always eat. This joke just the truth. I for myself want to be easy, healthy, mobile and active. And I care about not only what I have outside. The internal state of the body interests me less. And, girls, that’s what I want to say. Do not believe those who speak about a wide the bone of the problem with the metabolism. Everything is in your hands. Everything is fixable. Any weight you can move from a dead point. I have had problems with metabolism. And more than once. And even now, several months without sports in General…. Well? All solved. Important not to run yourself to follow the regime, discipline and control the power supply. And if you have already started — start now! Banish licentiousness, and laziness! We don’t know what awaits us in the distant future, when there will be changes in the female body, there and see. But if you’re young, the excuses are not accepted!”