Алена Водонаева избавилась от кота, чтобы родить ребенка The presenter told us about the incident with her tragedies. Alena Vodonaeva not hide that for a long time trying to become a mother. It’s still hard to recall about the miscarriages, because a young woman long thought that all will not be able to have children.

Alain Vodonaeva used to openly share thoughts and feelings with fans. She often puts pictures together with my husband and son. Recently in the family star was replenished, the TV presenter bought a kitten for my son. However, many fans of the stars, the question arose, where did the other her pet.

Vodonaeva told that her previous cat Coconut lives with another family. Alena had to make that sacrifice because of possible complications during pregnancy.

“In the last months of pregnancy, my obstetrician asked me a question on the topic of sozhitelstvovaniye with the cat. There’s this thing called toxoplasmosis. Me it thank God bypassed, but the risk is I could not. This was my fourth pregnancy and very long-awaited child. Coke to give it was a pity, but it was not” – said Vodonaeva.

Many fans were surprised by the revelations Alyona about the failed pregnancies. Once the presenter has already talked about the issues for which she worked so hard to become a mother. According to star, she had three miscarriages, and at some point she even stopped believing that I will be able to become a mother.

Also in the comments to the post on Instagram, the presenter noted that three times, got on the operating table due to during pregnancy complications. She was very hard to lose unborn children.

Therefore, learning about a new pregnancy, Vodonaeva decided to strictly monitor their health. Then the young woman significantly reduced operational activity, and eventually was able to become a mother.

Now the son Bogdan is the main joy of the presenter. By the way, for a seven-year heir she made a new cat.

“My son really wanted animals in the house. And this is his first animal, which, by the way, at the moment, they sleep on the same bed. I never dumped on the street of their Pets. And never to Coca such stories in my life was not. The choice I made consciously and responsibly approached the moving cat. Anybody would never give up! It was a pity. Cried. And the ex-husband then of sorrow was”, – told the TV presenter.

Now a young woman trying to choose a name for your pet. According to her, the decision they take, along with her son and husband Alexei Cosine. Alena does not get tired to tell the elect of love, regularly noting how lucky she is in his personal life.

By the way, rumors about the next pregnancy Vodonaevoy appear regularly. The star itself tries immediately to refute them. Alena does not deny that sooner or later they with Alexey think about the children, but while the TV presenter is not going to become a mother. The fans hope that the young woman will give birth and will never experience how it is to lose a child.