Alain Vodonaeva got married for the second time

Алена Водонаева вышла замуж во второй раз
The presenter combined legal marriage with her lover.

Photo: Instagram

Wedding Alena Vodonaevoy and Alexei Cosine was held today in St. Petersburg. As warned in advance, the bride and groom, no posh festivals they are not satisfied. TV presenter and DJ got married in one of the Salons of St. Petersburg, the home of the groom. However, to completely deprive yourself of holiday paraphernalia did not. Alex wore a suit with a black shirt and Alena chose the white dress unusual style. Red shoes that Vodonaeva bought before decided on the dress, beautifully harmonize with a bride’s bouquet. Alena is getting married for the second time, so I decided to do without a veil.

Lovers known each other for more than four years, but the romance between them began only recently. Cherished ring star received only after 1.5 months of whirlwind romance.

“It took me five weeks to make Allen an offer, — said Alexey in an interview before the wedding. — This is only our holiday. Noisy can be noted decade from the day of the wedding, then you will have something to be proud of”.

However, dinner with family and a wedding cake will still be. At last insisted Vodonaevoy son from his first marriage, who recently turned 8 years old.