Alain Vodonaeva furious for the oversight of domestic staff

Алена Водонаева в ярости из-за оплошности домашнего персонала

Hiring domestic staff needs to be extremely attentive to details: it is important to take the family for a qualified person with experience, responsible and considerate. Unfortunately for Alena Vodonaevoy her in her choice of governesses no luck. Babysitting her six year old son, Bogdan often cause harm to the star of “House-2”, but a recent case seems to divorce the way women forever. The fact that the nurse messed up the phone Vodonaevoy that was for the valuable content. In addition to the contacts stored in the phone, there was a huge amount of photos, which now, according to Alena, no.

Алена Водонаева в ярости из-за оплошности домашнего персонала

This tragic situation for themselves Vodonaeva shared with your followers on Instagram. At the words the girl was not saved, and described the whole situation in the colors: “Just my nanny drowned my phone in a bucket of hot water. It Is P. C.! There are all! All contacts, all photos. All the photos! All motherfuckin ‘ pictures! Los Angeles, New York,Barcelona, Thailand, Amsterdam. 10 thousand photos of Bohdan, including travel: Switzerland,France, Turkey, Crimea. All contacts, notes, where I write my thoughts, post to votsap. All gone in the bucket … I’m so evil, no words. I like a moron, telling her endlessly one and the same — check out our Bo pockets, before taking something to the Laundry (many times I have washed money) and not to forget the night to pick food in the fridge.

Is it really so difficult to remember?! Especially when you have a aherenny salary(aherenny objectively, I’m not exaggerating), live on all ready (I pay for everything! until women’s needs), has its own private, beautiful room and a personal driver I in September ‘ 15 took for her and Bogdan. Plus, since the beginning of September this year, the son of a governess — teacher, which carries with Bo all the time after kindergarten: lessons, trips to the sports section. The nanny only household and household history. That is, do not want to live! Just check the pockets and Tupi.

I’m furious just. I certainly didn’t want now to put into new phone 150 pieces. Was going to wait a bit when the hype podspady, in two weeks. But, alas, I will not wait … I despise irresponsibility in work, I get mad when it is so blunt and sit on the neck, I hate because of someone’s idiocy to get to the money. Well, about the pictures, I generally keep quiet. It is a memory. This is something I smile when I leaf through pictures of my family!”

Anger Vodonaevoy played her veins with renewed force when she learned that the nanny in addition that ruined her property, had deceived her. It turned out that the phone was not just immersed in a bucket of water and quickly taken, most likely the phone managed to go through the whole wash cycle in the washing machine, as inside it was discovered the powder.

“…Now here I think what to do. To fire or just make it a sponsor of my phone. This better fire, especially when lying” — said Vodonaeva.

Fans asked for Alena not to get excited and give the nanny a second chance.

Though some were more categorical and said that we should not keep ourselves near to the house. And which side you adhere to?