Alain Vodonaeva forever abandoned hazardous products

Алена Водонаева навсегда отказалась от вредных продуктов The reality star decided to eat only healthy food. Alain Vodonaeva enlightened her fans about the consequences of excessive consumption of sugar. Fans were so impressed by her speech that I decided to follow the example of celebrities.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Alena Vodonaeva decided to declare the fight some food, which she did not benefit. Now the TV will not touch sugar and will even cease to use those Goodies that contain this ingredient. About the decision she announced to all of his fans.

      “I often eat Breakfast porridge on water and add to jam. But since now I decided to fight Kharasaveiskoye within flashmob, and he was expelled. Jam you can replace the fresh berries. They also have sugar, but not much,” – said Vodonaeva in the microblog.

      Alena was bringing her fans, telling about the dangers of excessive consumption of sugar. She noted that it may not only affect the shape and health of the teeth, but also have other consequences.

      “You know that sugar in excess greatly increases the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system?! And the tooth due to the large consumption of sugar is a metabolic disorder and it is very weakens the immune system. Also sugar is bad for the skin: it promotes premature aging and worsens its properties, which leads to loss of elasticity. Can pimples, worsening complexion. Actually that’s not all the bad effects of excessive sugar consumption, but for the first time enough,” concluded the star.

      Fans were amazed by the arguments, which leads Alain, and hastened to thank the celebrity for such good advice. They assured that from now on cease to abuse harmful products, although it will be hard to limit myself.

      “I want to, but I can’t. Daily eating the sweet to lift your spirits. And how to fight, I don’t know”, “I’m going too! Already a month. It’s hard, I want chocolate”, “Thanks for the advice, Alenka. This is important. And the good sugar can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, it’s true,” the fans supported their favorite.

      All who closely followed the life of a celebrity, well aware of how she cares about your health. Alena loves training in the gym, and therefore tries to devote time to physical exercise to always be in shape.