Alain Vodonaeva: “fear I cried and yelled at the groom”

Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха» TV presenter and former star of “House-2” told the editor of the “StarHit” Olga Homeland about a crisis in relations, the acquaintance of the groom with the ex-spouse and the reasons why her wedding was postponed. According to celebrity, they loved fight a lot, but still can’t live without each other.

      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»

      It is in the status of the bride more than a year, Anton Korotkov did Allen offer in July 2015, four months after Dating. Lovers so often swear that repeatedly appeared rumors about their parting. Only recently, Anton and Alena began to think about the future celebration. We agreed to meet in the Metropolitan boutique wedding dresses Vera Wang at the Kuznetsk Bridge. Vodonaeva is looking for outfit, and “StarHit” organized her fitting. Alena arrived at the salon after the shooting, in late September launched its project – mystical show “Normal Couple” on channel RU TV. Her eyes fell on the outfit with a train in the window. “Beautiful! said the presenter, wearing a dress. – Although Anton is probably better to get married in something simpler”. After fitting we had a chat over a Cup of green tea.

      Like a cat with a dog

      What planning a wedding – a thousand guests, a cake in five tiers?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»You know, the Ol, the mood changes all the time. Exactly known, only the date of 17 July 2017. This is a leap year decided not to marry. Seventeenth we started Dating, this number is very important to us. July – because I was born in this month. While planning to fly together to Europe. Anton even said that he would go to the Registrar at least in shorts. He’s the guy in tattoos, his pathos is not needed. But I can pereklinilo, and I’ll arrange a feast for the whole world in three Vera Wang dresses. Unless, of course, Anton does not bite each other’s tails.—
      And you can! I know that once quarreled, I wanted to call it a day.
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»Honestly, we fight consistently once a week, but then reconciled, so as to live without each other can not. You know when people spoil relationships due to infidelity, betrayal. But we quarrel over small things. In August, during a trip to Barcelona, a conflict broke out over a chair. We, together with Bogdan came to the Playground, there was a sign saying nothing to rearrange. I don’t remember why, but I asked Anton to move one of the chairs. He refused. And off we go. Eventually returned different planes. Son explained that Anton’s case.—
      Quickly reconciled?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»Of course, in Moscow, everything is working. And one day he suggested to make a small madness – a walk along the arch of the Andreevsky bridge, it connects the Gorky Park with Frunze embankment. I agreed. And when took a few steps, he remembered what fear of heights, walked, cried and yelled at Anton so that people are held down, teased the head. He offered to return, but I fear even to turn around could not. In the other end of the arc, I took his keys, got in the car and went home alone. In fact all this stuff. Perhaps we just sometimes get tired from each other, as together almost 24 hours a day. Have lived and worked together, Anton is my Director.
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»
      Who first comes to reconciliation?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»More often it. By the way, in the relationship with Anton, I have changed, learned to go forward. If you Nesmeyana sat and waited, when it will come to me with honor and webs to apologize, now first apologize if wrong. Although Anton harmful and grouchy. What can I say, Scorpio zodiac sign. Moreover, born in the year of the Cat and I Dog. Here we are always like cat and dog. He is very jealous. Knows the passwords to all my social networks, you can check the phone, if something is doubted. But I have reasons not to give. On the other hand, Anton is caring, kind and real. You know, a true man.
      Not afraid of that quarrel and the wedding will not take place?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»Some of our friends wonder, “Alena, why are you pushing? Because you have long made an offer!” And I don’t want to rush. And Yes, you’re right, we can argue another 150 times and the same make up. I will not lie – the relationship is not ideal. I do a lot of poking around yourself, visit women’s training, trying to understand, maybe I am capricious? Or we molinaroli this way, to achieve harmony? Maybe next year all disputable issues will be solved peacefully. Yes, we are different, but love each other, can’t sleep without perepletetsya feet and hands in bed. Besides, what will be, will be. I wonder what will happen next.—
      As Anton made an offer?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»It happened at home, two months after the beginning of our relationship. We have been together. I didn’t expect. He was completely naked when he handed me a ring from Tiffany. And I said “Yes”! However, Anton is messed up and bought the engagement ring and wedding band. Later I explained to him that there is a difference. It is the first time the proposal was made, therefore, forgivable. Anton started to inquire from me what stones I like. I always dreamed of a blue Paraiba tourmaline. In the midst of another argument, he said: “I Actually found your stone and have already ordered”. Tourmaline weighing nearly five carats is now waiting for the cut.—
      He also engaged in a tattoo. How could earn in the stone?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»It’s a hobby. Anton’s friends and business associated with machines. Education – Manager, two years ago, he worked in the civil service. He’s family, great-grandson of academician Andrei Sakharov. Anton is a hellish mixture of good genes and a street education. That’s what I like about him. His father in the 90s was the business he was killed. Mom is a lovely woman, and my – God dandelion.—
      Anton is five years younger than you, the difference is felt?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»Men of little brains but not in age. I grew up with his brother Stas, who is younger than me by six years. But he is the man. Here Anton is the same. Such feelings of warmth and protection I have not experienced any. Of course, anything can happen. Sometimes I think: “my God! Again, all by itself. But Anton gives me enormous moral support.
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»
      You do yourself contain?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»Yes. And because of this we were able to avoid many problems. But Anton still tries to, buys what they want. And I have little need. The maximum that can want – new sneakers or a cool t-shirt.—
      Yeah, you have a lot of shoes – their 20 years is enough!
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»Tell me about it! From them I was tired and almost stopped buying. I had a whim after a divorce. We have Alex different attitude to money. In marriage, I was not able to spend right and left. And when I divorced and began to earn his shot. Only for “Vacation in Mexico” I received a fee of 7 million rubles. Almost the entire amount invested in construction of a country house parents. Advertising contracts generate a good income. For one day in the advertising of vitamins together with Igor Jijikine I paid 800 thousand rubles. I also have a shop with his brother’s wife – sports costumes and decorations.—
      Anton quickly found a common language with your son?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»Bogdan long thought it was just my friend. About six months ago I told the son that, perhaps, will be the wife of Anton. What Bo protested: “No, you will marry me!” In August he was six, we now understand that the mothers do not marry. Anton Bogdan cool get along. During a trip to Barcelona son is constantly hanging on him, the rope of him, vil the only way. They became good friends.

      Dad Bogdan, your ex-husband knows about the existence of the new man in your life?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»Yes. Anton is the only young man I was introduced to the ex-spouse. It happened when Alex took his son to him. He responded calmly, as respects my choice. After the divorce we had agreed that the child should know who his daddy is. Bogdan loves his father! I would love to Alesha also my personal life. Two years ago he became a father for the second time, Bo was the brother Miroslav. But with the mother of the child Alex never lived a single day.—
      How did you manage to keep a good relationship after the divorce?
      Алена Водонаева: «От страха я рыдала и орала на жениха»Reasonable and educated people are a priori not satisfied in the divorce circus. Although in our show-business wife only so rinse the former. Trust me, I also have something to say. No wonder we broke up. Alexei, of course, many admirable qualities, but also disadvantages there are. But I respect this man and will always publicly defend it. Don’t want to Bogdan when you grow up, read about the scandalous divorce of his parents. So women do not go. So do the women. Pretty low intellectual level.—
      With Anton about children already?
      We will think about them after the wedding.