Alain Vodonaeva explained who actually contains it

Алена Водонаева объяснила, кто на самом деле ее содержит TV presenter does not hide how much it costs the education of the heir. Alena Vodonaeva has sharply responded to criticism that struck at her in a social network. Many users felt that the star lives on alimony ex-spouse.

      Tuned “Instagram” Alena Vodonaevoy watched by about two million subscribers, many of whom were young mothers who have growing children. The presenter shares with followers her experience in the education of the son, and also tells them about the day. Heir to the stars “House-2” Bogdan was born six years ago when a woman was married to businessman Alexei Malakaeva.

      Many fans of the presenter believed that he and his son live on the funds her ex-husband. That is why Vodonaeva can afford a nanny for the baby and give it to engage in all sorts of sections. Alena decided to reveal the truth and tell you what money lives with the heir.

      “Let me once and for all, will reveal our Bo alimony. You understand, until the driver for my son, we paid Alex in half. And the amount of child support per month, equal to one promotional post on Instagram or is 1/4 – 1/5 part of one of my commercial shooting. The apartment I practiced on my Porsche, I also I earned myself. I hope that the issues and silly speculation no more. So, what am I? To ensure that instead of having to take other people’s money, you can start to earn it”, – wrote Vodonaeva on the page in a social network.

      Alain urged Internet users not to criticize famous people, and pay attention primarily on yourself. According to the woman, everyone is able to achieve success. “We live in a world of opportunities and money. Nobody stops you, except yourself, to discipline yourself, to be healthy, beautiful and successful. Nobody forbids you to live as you want”, – said Alena.

      Her post was met by approval from the subscribers microblog. “All right. Someone earns on their needs and desires, and someone is jealous of a stranger, pouring mud”, “I Agree! Well done! Every word on the merits”, “I Agree with Alyona. It is a pity that a lot of jealous people,” wrote a follower.

      Meanwhile, Alain is not abandoning new projects. Very soon Vodonaeva’s going back to the TV. Alena will keep the show on the channel RU.TV. It will help famous psychic Sarradin Rzayev. The star has already announced the beginning of the filming process.