Alain Vodonaeva dreams of second child

Алена Водонаева мечтает о втором ребенке TV presenter admitted that plans the continuation of the species. Star absolutely convinced that in the near future will become a mother again. For the sake of a happy offspring Alain Vodonaeva ready to go to any trouble in life.

      Alain Vodonaeva rarely publishes photos of his son Bogdan in social networks. She does it mainly when I beg fans. Followers of the presenter wondering how grows and develops her beloved heir. So from time to time Alain talks about his success on his page in Instagram.

      Meanwhile, the presenter does not exclude that in the future Bogdan appears brother or sister. Vodonaeva is not the first year builds a relationship with the groom Anton Korotkov, therefore, may not be far off adding to the family.

      “I really want another baby. And I know for sure that I have it,” said the leader.

      Interestingly, Vodonaeva does not consider itself an ideal mother, although she does everything for her child. Alena admits that never went over the heads and achieved everything on her own, although it was worth the effort. And the main motivation for stars was always her son Bogdan.

      “Sometimes it seems that I’m not the perfect mom, but when I look around me and assess the situation, I calm down. All that I have created for my son, I was more than overcomes, and despite all the difficulties through which it had to undergo and have to pass still, I am very grateful to this world. Everyone gets what he expected and what he deserved. I have hell there is a reason to be proud and not to bury themselves in the sand when you want to bury,” admitted Allen.

      By the way, Vodonaeva like to do for your child real surprises. So, in August, the presenter threw a Grand celebration for the 6th anniversary of Bogdan. Celebration star decided to organize a children’s club, where children could imagine that they are in the real jungle. The kids not only had fun but also learned a lot. They enjoyed exploring all that was offered to the school. Judging by the happy faces of the children, they had a great time at the birthday Bogdan. Vodonaeva also was glad that all the guests were happy with the holiday.

      Alain Vodonaeva threw him a party in the jungle PHOTO

      “Two huge dinosaur fall in love with all. Some, however, at first frightened, and then fell in love,” recalled Alain then in the microblog.