Alain Vodonaeva dreams about the surgery for breast reduction

Алена Водонаева мечтает об операции по уменьшению груди

Chic shapes Alena Vodonaevoy long been the envy of owners of the more modest shape of the body. Active sports for the former star of the TV project “Dom-2” have not passed unnoticed, however, that part of a woman’s body, which is often the first “insidious” fading away (the breast) she has remained the same.

The majority of the fair half would be happy with that. But not of Her. As admitted star, she was tired from the lush bust and wants to reduce it.

Moreover, the conversations Alain reinforces the fact. The girl is already looking for a suitable qualified plastic surgeon, whom she could entrust the most precious thing: “the Breast really want to do, but still can’t find a surgeon. Lifelong dream of a small chest. Recently started to do sports, like Jogging and to include in the schedule, but only very hard to run when you have a chest like two watermelons — now I’m a size five. At a time when the sport came into my life, I realized how much I want to have a normal human breast. Anyway after childbirth it’s been five and a half years, and it was after them I started to think about the operation”, — said Alena.


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