Алена Водонаева демонстрирует веселье после расставания с женихом The former participant “Houses-2” has fun without her lover. Alain Vodonaeva complained about the hardships of relationships after returning from vacation. Apparently, the chosen one gave her the opportunity to be alone with his thoughts.

      Алена Водонаева демонстрирует веселье после расставания с женихом

      Not so long ago former member of the popular project “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva spoke about the fact that she wants to be alone. In the microblog she talked about how difficult it can be different people together, despite strong mutual love. Apparently, her fiance, Anton Korotkov, decided to let the star of the reality show to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. At least, after the publication about the hardships of relationships the beloved is missing from the tape of Alyona. And the place of joint ops with the elect took numerous photos with fun Vodonaevoy.

      Apparently, Alan has now found time for all his numerous Affairs. But all alone, dreaming of Her, she been had not so often. Meeting with friends, attending fashion shows, as well as fun parties filled the time the former participant “Houses-2”.

      The fans supported this method Vodonaevoy to dispel sad thoughts. “It’s something like – I broke up with a guy and I’m happy. Keep it up, good girl” – glad groupies.

      Алена Водонаева демонстрирует веселье после расставания с женихом

      Despite the sad statements of Alena, fans still hope that in her relationship with her beloved things will get better. “Alena, now it is just a difficult astrological period begins corridor eclipses,” provoking one of the admirers of Vodonaevoy. Apparently, this assumption is very interested in the movies, and she even connected this fact with his changing mood.

      “The moon is a planet of Cancers (you know, the earth satellite, but for me it is my planet ). No one is more subject to the mood of the moon, as we. What is happening at the full moon, I don’t. I don’t know about other girls of this sign, but my entire body is breathing with the Moon at one time, all my energy and physiological cycle zerkala her,” he told his followers of Her.

      Interestingly, almost a month Alena and her boyfriend Anton were held in Thailand, where together almost all the time. But even there she was to be angry at the groom. After lunch in the restaurant, Anton left the purse, which contained the rights of the former participant “Houses-2”. Despite the fact that Her was set to the worst case, all the documents and money safely returned to the owners.

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