Alain Vodonaeva decided what you’ll be doing in the decree

Алена Водонаева решила, чем займется в декрете The star of the reality show “Dom-2” plans to review the movies. Alain Vodonaeva plans to reflect on the birth of a child in the next two years. But still she can’t decide on a wedding date with her fiancé.

      Алена Водонаева решила, чем займется в декрете

      Despite the fact that the famous ex-contestant of reality show “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva has received a proposal of marriage from her beloved Anton Korotkov quite some time, however, she’s not rushing down the aisle. The star of the reality show is enjoying life with the chosen one without a stamp in the passport and almost all of February was spent with a loved on vacation in Thailand. Although not Vodonaeva decided to the wedding ceremony, but she already knows what you will do when you will be pregnant with a second child.

      “At the time I bought the discs with the films of such famous Directors as Federico Fellini, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, David Wark Griffith, Orson Welles, Jean-Luc Godard, Sergei Eisenstein, John Ford. Just all the way hands and eyes does not reach them. When I’m already pregnant with her second child – and within two years have to seriously wonder – will review all standing Directors,” said Alain

      Now Vodonaeva Bogdan has a son from his first marriage with Alexis Malakaeva. She tries to do everything for her child to grow up diversified. Specially for this, she put him in kindergarten, employing only native speakers of English. As well as the heir to the former participant “Houses-2” is in the school of Olympic reserve in section of sports gymnastics. Also the boy is fond of drawing, develops reading and writing individual lessons with a tutor.

      “I don’t think the son is doing something supernatural, is the norm. Though at times Bogdan surprises me with his reasoning. Sometimes I’m amazed that I actually gave birth to this child, so he is serious and ready to take responsibility even for me. I like that the son is so manly!” – Alena admires.

      Despite the fact that Vodonaeva has thought through what he would do on maternity leave, yet she had no concrete plans for the wedding and impending motherhood. She wants to devote themselves to a career.

      “Anton offered quietly married, and then fly away somewhere, and my parents support this idea. In General, I don’t know what will happen and when, I just woke up after a two-year “freeze”, so I think it is about something else: I want to catch up in work and career!” – said Alain in an interview with “House-2”.

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