Алена Водонаева: «Шнуров обязан пресечь слухи или плюнуть Матильде в лицо за измену»
Online tense battles on the Internet around the reasons for the parting of the musician with his wife.

Алена Водонаева: «Шнуров обязан пресечь слухи или плюнуть Матильде в лицо за измену»

Alena Vodonaeva

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Last week, the continued battles on the Internet around the reasons for the breakup Sergei Shnurov wife Matilda. Alain Vodonaeva gives his assessment of these events.

“How often marriages crumble because of infidelity and how often spouses turn a blind eye to adultery, while continuing to tolerate the lies? If you belong to the latter, I have a question: are you not ashamed of yourself? Marriage is a sacred Union, to be a husband or wife — the same responsibility and care for the child. You can not try to keep the family together, when you instruct horns. And it does not matter who in the couple is a liar.

Bring up the subject of marriage and cheating, I decided after a recent trip to Petersburg. The city is immersed in the gossip about the reasons for discord in the family of Sergey and Matilda Shnurovym. No football games, no flooding the streets of fans from all over the world could not distract the inhabitants of the cultural capital, relishes the details of the adultery. Here also media are offered to the picturesque details of how Sergey found her in the hotel room and as she proudly tossed him from under the bed-sheets with a phrase like, “I don’t report someone missing, so I can’t control”.

Sergei Shnurov wife Matilda

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I’m a little afraid of women who always categorically blame the cheating men only. Do you really think that this sin is the prerogative of the male? No! I know a lot of women izmenit, and be sure to swim in the same pool with them I will not. I note that under the information about the betrayal of Matilda I don’t subscribe, but I have many questions to Sergei in this situation. Imagine that the journalists made a mistake and the reason for the divorce is different, then the Cords, like a man obliged to refute the information about the hot parties at the hotel Matilda. That’s what a man wants to marry a woman, about cheating which is just lazy? After such publications in the media Matilda will be difficult to regain the trust of the men, so the Cord is required to stop the rumors, of course, if it’s just a rumor. And if not, then I think each spouse has the moral right at least to spit in the face of the traitor, and then go to the registry office to file for divorce. Remember, women and men, cheating is a nuclear bomb for the marriage after which you need to get away from the man away, once and for all.

I sometimes had to be in company with a young pretty girl, let’s call her Mary, she spent three years living in a civil marriage with his rich ruts. She’s 24, he’s 37. Two years ago he broke through her texts and found out that Mary is sleeping with your ex. What happened after? Nothing! Recently I was with Mary in the same company, and it turned out that the absurd continues. She still goes to the left, but not to his former, and to some foreigners. Kolya know he is unhappy, but does nothing. In this situation, I was wildly surprised not so much Masha, how devoid of any core and self-esteem of her civil husband. If you see that you no longer want your husband, you are not satisfied with life together, it is impossible to find an outlet on the side! You have to have the courage to end the relationship, then at least prescribed in the club with male strippers, and the whole world will become for you like a big buffet. The same applies to men, they also have the obligation to first divorce and then send your photo podeschi Dating sites.

My first husband acted honestly in relation to each other. When I realized that after five years the relationship had cooled, we made the decision to leave, remaining faithful in marriage and mutual respect. We did not bring up the agony of a relationship that was once dear to both. So nothing about my current husband, nor about the former no one can say that he is “horned”. I just will not tolerate.”