Alain Vodonaeva complained about the extra weight

Алена Водонаева пожаловалась на лишний вес Now the former participant “Houses-2” intends to exercise hard. Alena Vodonaeva not ashamed to admit to fans that the week I stopped going to classes at the gym. A celebrity wants to lose weight in a week and showcase a stunning result.

      Алена Водонаева пожаловалась на лишний вес

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Alena Vodonaeva not indifferent to their fans, showing the charm of the figure. Many a toned body and nice curves girls delight, and someone is trying to seek out some disadvantages. She Alena rarely answers the caustic comments of detractors and continues to publicly display photos in bold poses and costumes.

      Despite the fact that many believe the figure Vodonaevoy perfect, itself a former member of the TV show always says, if its parameters no longer meet the indicators that it considers ideal. Alain did not hesitate to admit to his fans that after the holidays gained extra weight and also abandoned classes at the gym.

      “The train is divine. Missed a week of workouts, plus endlessly eating. And it is noticeable unfortunately. Although there is, fortunately, much! Let everyone know. In exactly one week we’re doing the same, only with a press and two times already,” frankly wrote Vodonaeva in the microblog.

      As evidence, Alena published a photo, which seemed to be a noticeable change in her figure. However, attentive fans could not understand what do not like Vodonaevoy, and not stinted on numerous compliments.

      “Wow. Can I be like that! You’re always in shape and on top! Don’t tell on yourself!” “And the stomach-that is normal! You can once a week to eat more of the former. Alain, good for you!”, “Everything’s fine, Alenka! You are a very delicious and sexy! To lose weight not need at all!”, “Alena fishing for compliments, as the coolest figure I’ve ever known.” – admired followers.

      Apparently, she Vodonaeva determined to work on his body. She joined the gym where now walking with family – with her fiance Anton and son Bogdan. Not long ago, the former participant “Houses-2” returned from a holiday in Monaco, where he celebrated his 34th birthday. Unlike his colleagues who throw noisy parties and invite large number of guests, Alain arranged for a modest celebration alone with your beloved. Fans couldn’t believe what Vodonaeva thus marked an important date, and still hope to see a luxury holiday.

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