Алена Водонаева купила дом у моря
The presenter made a magnificent gift to his parents.

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: @alenavodonaeva (Instagram Alena Vodonaevoy)

Alena Vodonaeva has announced that it has acquired a property in Gelendzhik. However, to live in a luxurious house by the sea Alain has no plans — there dwell a native presenter.

Buying a home in the South of Russia thought of Alena as a surprise my parents on their wedding event. “They have three years wanted the apartment to the South. And this fall, mom and dad got married and I went ahead with the gift, — said Alena. — Noumea! Meet your new neighbors in the face of our family! Winter parents now will definitely be there, and we will come to reboot. Mom in the South in General there is no pressure and no headache, you will not tell about Moscow lately!”

Soon she will begin to create interior dream — right now she is busy looking for a construction crew. Vodonaeva not afraid to be cheated by unscrupulous masters has extensive experience in this field. “I already ate not one dog on the repair myself who want to divorce. Me where you sit there and slezesh. The design we have come up with the layout too. Window and veranda overlook the sea, so the repair will be in white, southern tones!” — said Alain.

Autumn Vodonaeva start repairs in the apartment in St. Petersburg, which has gained her husband — Alex Cosine. This apartment was the first serious purchase of a pair after a modest wedding in September.