Alain Vodonaeva became a mother

Алена Водонаева стала мамой
The actress shared good news in his personal blog.

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: Instagram

Alena Vodonaeva has amazed fans with wonderful news: she
became a mother! However, this time the godmother. The presenter told fans that her friend Ian decided to trust
the honorable mission of the cross parent her newborn daughter to her.

“Today, the most wonderful day,” said Alena. Today
I was born godmother daughter. I’m so happy! Godson I already have,
and now the girl finally appeared! Will soon fly to Krasnodar. Will
to baptize the baby, and kiss her and squeeze! Well, her mother, of course.
Congratulate the parents of my kids! And my little Princess, I wish to grow the
happy, beautiful and healthy girl”.

By the way, touching many stars take care of their godparents

For example, Olga Buzova doted in his godson
Seme — the son of ex-participant reality show “House-2” Olga Desyatovskaya. Buzova regularly visits the child in
Saint-Petersburg and pleases him with gifts.

Larisa Dolina — the godmother of Julia Nachalova, not only
involved in the life of the singer, but also gently takes care of her daughter Faith, and that in turn
is friends with her granddaughter Larissa — Sasha, and her mother angelina and Julia Nachalova sincerely
consider each other not just friends, but sisters.

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