Алена Водонаева устроила свадьбу в США ради сына The presenter spent a month in America. She and her husband Alexei Cosine organized a wedding in Las Vegas. In St. Petersburg the couple got married last fall. Vodonaeva and her husband were not invited to the wedding guests, as she wanted to be just the two of us in this day. Son of the star ripped her off for it.
Алена Водонаева устроила свадьбу в США ради сына

Alain Vodonaeva and Alex Cosine formalized relationship September 11, 2017. TV presenter and DJ got married in one of the salons of St. Petersburg. They decided to be just the two of us that day, so guests at the celebration was not invited.

“We wanted to be just the two of us that day. Our day, our sacrament, our secret is the creation of our family. We didn’t want were involved in this someone else, even our closest and beloved people. And they understood us. All except my son Bogdan. He was offended. So we decided to fill the gap and made a feast for the three of us”, — said Alena.

Bogdan gets along well with Alex. According to Vodonaevoy, her husband and son a lot of some of their “patsanski” cases. Alena is happy now with her man who takes responsibility for everything. Bogdan flew along with her mother and her husband in the United States.

“Prior to his trip to the States my husband and I watched the movie “the Hangover”. There in the frame such a cool Church! That is what we chose to get married on bis. Sent to that Church documents have reserved the day and time. Organization engaged themselves, as, first, that trouble us, and secondly, clearer and more organized than we, in America, it wouldn’t make one. And here I am again wearing a wedding dress of course — and married her own husband for the sake of their child. By the way, in connection with the wedding of the son was interested in whether the couple “dark night,” shared the TV star.

The video of the ceremony, Alena Vodonaeva shared in the microblog. She chose for the event dress with slit at skirt and flounces on the sleeves. Alex went to the chapel in a suit. Many admire their harmonious couple. But a few years ago, Alena thought of Alex as a friend. The DJ was flirting with her, but was not persistent enough. However the kiss concert in may last year changed everything. Vodonaeva realized that Alex is her man.

“Alex came into my life as quickly and independently did that I was married to him. I actually married was not going to. Still joke that years after the first divorce and the second marriage was the most cheerful and happy”, — said Alena in interviews with the magazine “7 days”.