Alain Delon was forced to go under the surgeon’s knife

Ален Делон был вынужден лечь под нож хирурга
The successor of the famous actor Alain Delon Anouska reported about the hospitalization of his father.

Ален Делон был вынужден лечь под нож хирурга

81-year-old actor had a complicated surgery on the artery in the area of the thigh. Without surgery it was impossible to do because the man was suffering from severe pain in the legs.

“It was a planned surgery – the last two or three years he suffered from circulation problems in his leg, and he was assigned to bypass surgery,” says Anouska.

It should be noted that in the spring of Alain Delon announced that ends his career, and in the autumn he took part in the last film.

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