Alain Apina sent “to hell”

Алену Апину послали «куда подальше»
Almost two years ago, Alena Apina decided that she was still able to storm the heights of show business, divorced her husband, plunged into erotica.

Алену Апину послали «куда подальше»

That’s just such a strategy was not justified. Pictures Topless Alena’s Epinoy discussed, but the clips I forgot.

Алену Апину послали «куда подальше»

Then Alain decided to do something romantic, but hit “of all time “Latest poem” in her performance aired, no radio and one music channel.

Russian Radio girl, it depends, once again sent and even gave me advice: “Your only Retrofm!”, – admitted Apina.

Алену Апину послали «куда подальше»

The same fate awaits the new video for the song Alena.
– Still will only see their. Family, fans and followers ( and not all!) What’s there to see! No bare Asses or borderline erotica. Think the song is good and video is beautiful! Now this is kind of like dirt! Don’t know what to do. Sorry – wrote Alena upset in his instagram and suggested to watch the video for the new song on my channel YouTube.

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