Al Pacino’s career is over

Карьера Аль Пачино закончена
The failure of another famous film actor caused a scandal.

Карьера Аль Пачино закончена

Al Pacino in the film “Worse than a lie”


It seems that
career of the famous 76-year-old actor finished. After the crushing failure
already far not the first al Pacino movie, most likely, will not want
to risk again.

Over such a long career as an actor was not. The new film “Worse than a lie”
which al Pacino plays a major role, collected on the day of its premiere … 100
pounds!!! At the same time, the project budget amounted to $ 11 million.

It is, of course,
keep in mind that after the very unfavorable reviews from critics, the movie solved
have been released only in limited release. Therefore, in the UK, for
example, it managed to show only on five screens. But even with this in mind,
turns out that in each of the theaters new film starring al Pacino gathered
for only £ 20! And this, unfortunately, is not the first failure of the actor for
the last few years

last year’s Comedy “Second chance” with the participation of Pacino has collected in world hire
only 5 million with a budget of $ 10 million. And the other movie, released
on the screens the year before drama “, Mangkorn” — has joined the ticket office of the cinema with only 143
small thousands of dollars…

Does not add up
recent career in theatre and Pacino. From the play with his participation “China doll” at the Broadway critics are not
left no stone unturned. Yes, and the audience was not happy. It was said that the actor
constantly forgot his lines and generally looked absolutely unconvincing.
After that, some of the most influential in the show Bisse of people directly began to hint that
the actor to go “on rest”.

Al Pacino in the film “Worse than a lie”


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