Al Pacino is afraid that DiCaprio will break the heart of his stepdaughter

Аль  Пачино боится, что Ди Каприо разобьет сердце его падчерицы
The Hollywood veteran made Leo a stern warning.

Аль  Пачино боится, что Ди Каприо разобьет сердце его падчерицы

Leonardo DiCaprio


Camila Morrone


77-year-old Hollywood veteran al Pacino is afraid that Leonardo DiCaprio can break your heart Kamila
Morrone, daughter of his common-law spouse — Loosely Saul. And, as said one
friends of an elderly actor, he made a young colleague simply
warning: he warned him against the fact that Leo didn’t even try
to break the heart of his stepdaughter. After all, al Pacino feels
the responsibility for the fact that DiCaprio first saw Camilla in his house.

However, it is doubtful that the 43-year-old Leo, who spun
an affair with a 20-year-old Camilla in the end of last year, will make serious conclusions from
warnings of al Pacino. After all, DiCaprio deservedly in Hollywood
reputation as an incorrigible womanizer. And if the girl lingered in the status of his
girlfriend for more than a month, this is surprising. Although despite the fact that her
having an affair with DiCaprio began more than three months ago, Morrone still
managed to keep Leo in the end
Camille is unlikely to change.

Recall that in
the first time DiCaprio was seen with Camilla in December of last year.
The paparazzi caught him when he left the house where he lives Morrone, and before the New
Leo took her on a private jet to aspen (Colorado). There’s a couple
joined the friend of actor Tobey Maguire –who arrived there with two
children. And the whole company rode on skis, and in the evenings having fun in
the local restaurant. Since then, lovers always see together. Recently,
example, Leo and Camille flew together to Tokyo: there they examined local
attractions and had dinner in the restaurant, where visitors are served