Aizu Anokhin misrepresented in the British press

Айзу Анохину оболгали в британской прессе Businesswoman and star’s Instagram called the double of the designer and ex-member of Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham. The article is devoted to the similarity of the two women appeared in the popular foreign edition. ISA Anokhina responded to the publication of the foreign correspondents.
Айзу Анохину оболгали в британской прессе

On the eve of the popular British tabloid devoted to the publication of the phenomenal, according to journalists, the similarity of the stars “Instagram” ISA Anokhina and Victoria Beckham. Reporters compared the photos of women and came to the conclusion that they can not be distinguished from each other. “Even the fans can’t understand what’s the difference” – this post appeared in Facebook edition.

The article focused on the fact that ISA, like Victoria, are watching their style and adopts a similar posture while posing for photographers.

“Gorgeous or not? Meet Russia’s answer to Victoria Beckham, which even the most devoted fans mistaken for Posh (“chic” – the nickname of the singer in the composition of the Spice Girls – Ed). What do you think? ISA Anokhina shares the stunning photographs, which it resembles double Victoria, with 1.4 million followers,” reads the article.
Айзу Анохину оболгали в британской прессе

Correspondents studied the biography ISA and found out that she was born in the city of Grozny. “32-year – old brunette TV presenter, model and ex-wife of a popular Russian rapper Guf. It is like two drops of water similar to the 43-year-old designer and wife of famous footballer David Beckham”, – reported in the publication.

The readers of the publication in different ways responded to the article about the Russian counterpart of Victoria Beckham. Some of them questioned the fact that the ISA is similar to Victoria. “It looks more like Tara Palmer-Tomkinson” “to be Honest, this girl looks better than Posh”, “And I think ISA just learned how to copy the pose Wiki”, “No, you’re wrong, a true clone of Beckham – that’s me,” discussed in the Network.

Soon rumours about the article and came to the ISA. The woman decided to speak about the resonance of the publication in social networks. According to Anokhina, she accidentally found out about the interest from foreign journalists.

“A friend sent me an article which I called the Russian Victoria Beckham. (…) I was again attacked with accusations how much I paid for it. Let the cash walk. My husband and I give all the extra money for needy families and children with serious illnesses. I say this not to make you praise, and say, in fact. To buy articles? Journalists write what they want and get paid for it. The extra material can get, unless you’re a girl a sugar daddy and he’ll always “pushes” – shared star.

ISA Anokhin pointed out that they really sympathize with Victoria Beckham. “I love it! And its purpose in life. She’s cool. But I to her, as to Everest’s cancer,” said the woman. In recognition Anokhina, once she genuinely liked the outfits celebrities.

“But time passed, and the Wiki has changed the style. I have no such means to copy. Most often I go in sweatpants and a hoodie. Yes, and I, of course, to dress up, but it’s a small part of my life. And all the while, I am a mother who needs to crawl, jump, draw and dig in the sand. Hardly Vicki goes,” stated ISA its position.

In recognition of the businesswoman, she rarely smiles in the photos, as suggested by some Internet users, giving it a striking resemblance to Victoria. Anokhin explained why the serious looks in the pictures. ISA also added that he admires the beauty and success of a celebrity, but she is not very good comparisons with Beckham.

“I feel shy to laugh in the photo. It happens! Feel “not very”. Why make a stupid face in order to hide their complexes. And I’m not as skinny as Victoria! Not such a successful and not so beautiful! But I love myself and don’t want to copy anybody. It is difficult, long and expensive. I have better things to do and where to spend their money. (…) Overall, I am pleased that I, not outstanding woman, noticed, but not very pleased that lied, saying that I am Russian Wiki! I ISA! And I like it”, – said Anokhin.