Aizu Anokhin called double Victoria Beckham

Айзу Анохину назвали двойником Виктории Бэкхем

In one of the British editions of Aizu Anokhin called copy Victoria Beckham, writing that “Even fans can’t understand the difference.” Fans have disagreed.

Айзу Анохину назвали двойником Виктории Бэкхем

The UK edition has devoted an entire article to the phenomenal similarity businesswoman and the star’s instagram Ausy Anokhina and the former participant of Spice Girls Victoria Beckham. The nickname of the singer in a former band used to screaming the title of the article “is this Awesome or no?” because Posh means “gorgeous”. The whole point of the comparison was that girls watch their profiles on instagram, watching the appearance and accept the same pose.

“Gorgeous or not? Meet Russia’s answer to Victoria Beckham, which even the most devoted fans mistaken for Posh . What do you think? ISA Anokhina shares the stunning photographs, which it resembles double Victoria, with 1.4 million followers” – is written in the article.

Foreign correspondents took the trouble to learn more about the Russian star. “32-year – old brunette TV presenter, model and ex-wife of a popular Russian rapper Guf. It is like two drops of water similar to the 43-year-old designer and wife of famous footballer David Beckham”, according to the journalists.

Айзу Анохину назвали двойником Виктории Бэкхем

Soon the news about the article and came to the ISA, for she hastened to write a note. Fans blamed the girl, what there paid for their raskrutku in Zarubino tabloid, but she was quick to refute the rumors. “A friend sent me an article which I called the Russian Victoria Beckham. At me at once attacked with accusations how much I paid for it. Let the cash walk. My husband and I give all the extra money for needy families and children with serious illnesses. I say this not to make you praise, and say, in fact. To buy articles? Journalists write what they want and get paid for it. The extra material can get, unless you’re a girl a sugar daddy and he’ll always “pushes,” admits the star.

The girl admitted that Victoria loves and respects. “I love it! And its purpose in life. She’s cool. But I to her, as to Everest’s cancer,” said Anokhina.

“But time passed, and the Wiki has changed the style. I have no such means to copy. Most often I go in sweatpants and a hoodie. Yes, and I, of course, to dress up, but it’s a small part of my life. And all the while, I am a mother who needs to crawl, jump, draw and dig in the sand. Hardly Vicki goes,” said Anokhina.

Another similarity called the propensity to be serious in photos. “I feel shy to laugh in the photo. It happens! Feel “not very”. Why make a stupid face in order to hide their complexes. And I’m not as skinny as Victoria! Not such a successful and not so beautiful! But I love myself and don’t want to copy anybody. It is difficult, long and expensive. I have better things to do and where to spend their money. In General, I am pleased that I, not outstanding woman, noticed, but not very pleased that lied, saying that I am Russian Wiki! I ISA! I like it,” said ISA.