Aiza's youngest son was hospitalized The boy complained of pain.

Aiza's youngest son was hospitalized Aiza Liluna Ai is raising two sons. Her eldest child was born in marriage to Alexei Dolmatov. The father of the youngest is Dmitry Anokhin. She parted with both husbands not on the best of terms. Recently, Aiza and her children moved to Bali. The businesswoman has been on the island more than once and is now satisfied with their joint life. Recently, she planned to do paperwork, but due to an unpleasant incident, she had to postpone her plans and go to the hospital. Elvis complained that his ear and leg hurt. Liluna thought it was a local insect bite.

Aiza's youngest son was taken to the hospital

“Looks like his Tomcat stung – an unpleasant insect that crawls over you and splashes out poison that burns the skin. That's what he had on the third day, how the insect passed through it. It looks unpleasant. They thought it would pass, but it became inflamed, “Isa said and showed a photograph of the site of the alleged bite.

Fortunately, the doctors provided Elvis with the necessary assistance. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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