Айгуль Мильштейн: «Я не лезу в отношения Домогарова с Громушкиной» The actress clarified conflicting statements. One of the publications reported that Aigul Milstein spoke about the numerous sexual adventures Domogarova. He allegedly entered into a sexual relationship with Natalia gromushkina, when she was married. 32-year-old Milstein hastened to refute this information.
Айгуль Мильштейн: «Я не лезу в отношения Домогарова с Громушкиной»

Aigul Milstein is a successful actress who starred not only in the popular Russian TV series, but also abroad. Odnako, many know her only as the former darling of Alexander Domogarova. They were passionate and fascinating novel. She was then only 23 years old, she was seething emotions, so between her and the actor often quarrel broke out. Aigul met him, and sometimes spoke with the housekeeper of the actor. It turned out that the AU pair told her about the sexual adventures of Domogarova. The actress did not give any comments about the intimate connection of Alexander and Natalia Gromushkina.

“I don’t know what he Gromushkina, I do not interfere in his life. Not in contact with Domogarova. I’m not interested to discuss it,” said Milstein.

As recognized Aigul, she could not confirm that the actor was cheating on her.

“I was madly in love with this man. For me it was not only an actor, but first love. Of course, I was sad that we had no understanding. Probably, it is caused by the difference in mentality, and the age difference. I was brought up in a family where the woman decided to respect, so to hear some hurtful words that were said, I was hurt,” — said the “StarHit” Milstein.

Now the actress does not remember the negative things that were on her during the novel and Domogarova. She admits that they always had fun Domogarov added to the severity of their relationship. Much of what was going on between them, was done impulsively. “My aunt said that there were Smoking phone from the passions. If we swore, then met up and all was well until a certain moment”, — said Aigul.
Now Milstein not interested in the life of the former chosen. “Most of the articles that flashes my name, have nothing to do with me,” said the actress.

Recall that Aigul was the presenter of the TV channel “Capital”, was filmed at the “domelem” in the programme “Sweet stories” with a pastry chef Alexander Seleznev. From 2010 to 2012, Milstein played antrepriznyh productions at the Moscow theatre “Practice”. Now they also wrote the song. Recently, Aigul out joint work with the staff of “Prime Minister”.