Ahead of Paul McCartney, sting and Elton John

Пол Маккартни опередил Стинга и Элтона Джона

The SundayTimes magazine has again undertaken to analyze wealth and celebrity has once again published a rating of the British stars in which the determining factor would have been earned over the past year, the amount, and the total amount of capital.

So, the leader among all professional musicians from the UK became Paul McCartney. Over the past year, his Bank account was enriched by £ 20 million and its capital was equal to 780 million.

On the second line is the composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, with its 740 million. Third in the list of richest British was the U2 team with 548 million.

In the first ten can be seen equally stellar names. For example, Elton John (290 million), Mick Jagger (250 million), Keith Richards (235 million), Ringo Starr (200 million), sting (185 million).

Note that the ranking listed as the richest celebrity in General and in a specific category. So, first among the most wealthy artists under the age of 30 became the singer Adele (who would doubt). At the moment she was able to earn 125 million pounds.

I venture to suggest that one day she will be on the site of Paul McCartney in the rankings.