Ай да Пушкин... Of course, Alexander never came to Apatity. Just because my hometown has just turned 50, and “our everything” how much?! Counted? Just the same-168 years!

But the Park, street and school named after the great poet in Apatity was almost from the day of its Foundation. And more recently, thanks to a generous gift of Zurab Tsereteli was born and the monument to the sun of Russian poetry. Moreover, this remarkable monument is the sculptor carved so that each citizen can be with Pushkin, if not equal, very close – on the same bench. And even in our Arctic cold (this is not Moscow, with zero temperature in the second half of December) those wishing to sit, to dream and recharge your creative energy Alexander always enough.

Indeed, despite the rapidly changing world, and the twenty-first century without a huge Pushkin’s love to the woman, friends, country, freedom will not survive. And without his sense of humor, by the way. So: “Ah Yes Pushkin, Ah Yes son of a bitch!” Sets around in the cold, looking at the Khibiny mountains and mustache is not blowing. Surely that is a matter of.