Ah, this wedding! The groom ran away from the Banquet without paying

Ах эта свадьба! Жених убежал с банкета, не заплатив

Funny story with criminal consequences occurred in one of the capital’s restaurants.

And how it all began… well a Suit, the bride’s bouquet, the blissful awe in front of the Registrar. All the same, wedding is one of the most exciting moments in life. But sometimes he can be overshadowed by human greed.

Last weekend one enterprising groom decided that the Banquet to celebrate such a joyful event, he will not pay, and ran out of the restaurant, located in the Sokolniki district, along with the better half and guests of the celebration.

41-year-old man thought 20 000 prepayment will be sufficient. That final meal was 100 000, it a little worried.

The staff immediately called the police. The guards, the attacker was detained. Now in its relation criminal case on the fact of causing property damage by deception or abuse of trust (part 1, article 165 of the criminal code), according to the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow.

The maximum penalty for this offence, by the way, is two years imprisonment. So petty new husband has all the chances to spend their honeymoon alone and not in a warmer climate.