Agurbash sold all the jewels to feed his family

Агурбаш продала все драгоценности, чтобы прокормить семью

Actress and singer admitted that he was forced to part with expensive jewelry.

Recent years, the singer does not wear watches. According to Angelica, life circumstances forced her to sell expensive accessories.

However, this star did not regret. As they say, happy hours are not watching.

“After my divorce, I remained in the street,” recalls Agurbash. — I needed the money to feed themselves and their children. Oddly enough, branded items never depreciate and can help out in difficult situations. This is especially true of bags and watches that are always in demand. I had three pairs of very expensive – with diamonds and gold. Of course, at fire sales thing goes down in price. For example, if the accessory was worth 200 thousand dollars, then it will take over 50 thousand dollars. Honestly, I rarely wore a watch. Before the events even took off”.

If earlier the star in the evening, glittering in diamonds, but now prefers branded stylish jewelry. “Now is no longer fashionable to boast of their wealth, continues Agurbash. — Rich self-sufficient people are not “Chopard”, and cheap “Seiko”.

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