Aguilera, Kirkorov and Rudkovskaya confessed love Diva

Орбакайте, Киркоров и Рудковская признались в любви Примадонне Stars congratulated Alla Pugacheva birthday. 15 APR Diva turned 69. On this day, colleagues, friends, admirers, children and ex-husband publicly confessed one more time the birthday girl in love.

15 APR Alla Borisovna Pugacheva was 69 years. The birthday of one of the country’s best loved pop artists to many of her fans – a red letter day, a true celebration on a national scale. For colleagues, relatives and even ex-husbands – this is another reason to confess his love to the woman who sings.

The first to congratulate Alla Borisovna, of course, was her closest people – 4-year-old twins Lisa and Harry, and her eldest daughter Christina and granddaughter Claudia. Younger read poems and gave mom and grandma a meaningful homemade cards – Harry, for example, drew a big sun within the bright-blue “volcano” and signed congratulations in French , and Lisa’s jewelry box. Video report on the ceremony of gifts was published by the husband of the prima Donna Maxim Galkin. And signed short: “happy birthday, darling!”. The children were more verbose.

“You can get around the whole world, mom best in the world. You any consolation, if you feel sad, you feed delicious. To scratch will blow, caress, kiss. Well with such a mom, be always happy the most,” he greeted the twins Lisa and Harry’s mother Alla, happy birthday.

The eldest child of Alla Borisovny Christina Orbakajte congratulated the mother is short, but no less touching. The singer posted a rare photo where she is still a teenager.

Some relatives of the birthday girl, for example, an ex-husband Philip Kirkorov one congratulatory post is not limited. The king of the pop scene and put together a video collage of fans Pugacheva and in addition, has published a video of yourself singing for Pugacheva. “Happy birthday, love, great one!”, – signed your post Philip.

Nikolay Baskov remembered how he once played on stage with a prima Donna, and the words were generous, giving Dolly parton pompous epithets.

“The unbeatable and unpredictable, magnetic and spiritual, mythic, and open, you have such a one in every home, heart and in your songs! Happy birthday, beloved Allah! Thanks for a creative tandem, friendship and support! I wish you boundless happiness, creativity , health and family happiness for years to come,” wrote Nikolai Baskov.

Cheryl Cole, who from the hands Pugacheva received the diploma of the winner of “factory of stars”, also congratulated his mentor, expressing gratitude: “happy Birthday, Alla Borisovna! The one and only! You gave me this chance in life and I am forever grateful,” wrote Victoria.

Alsu published a rare video, almost 20 years ago, where the young star presented itself Pugacheva. And Yana Rudkovskaya suddenly remembered that when I was almost a fan of prima donnas. It turned out that the wife of Evgeni Plushenko, as a child, couldn’t sleep without the songs Pugacheva.

“Dear Alla! Happy birthday! I remember as a little did not sleep and waited for the “new year party” will be Your room, remember crying when the first time came to Your concert, remember when met You back in 2005 in Sochi, and couldn’t sleep all night from the emotions that overwhelmed me! You are my idol! Fantastic Singer, actress, producer! You all Your desires, endless happiness to Your lovely family, with great respect to the very wise, talented and strong Woman,” wrote Rudkovskaya.

“This is the distant 99-th year, the beautiful city of Penza, a huge stadium, full house. Could I – a young, aspiring, very shy singer to dream about what she Alla will take me by the hand and present to the viewer? Remember every advice, remember all the words of support! Thank You dear Alla Borisovna, for this invaluable experience! I heartily congratulate You happy birthday! I wish You good health and lots of joy that You only saw happiness in the eyes of their kids!” congratulated Pugacheva, Alsu.

A whole essay on the topic “Pugachev in our lives,” wrote the actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya. She, along with her husband, businessman Sergei Dzbanem frequent guests at the castle Pugacheva-Galkin, together they celebrate holidays of course walking on all the festivities of the famous couple.

“The only, the inimitable! Happy birthday, Alla Borisovna! Inspiration to You every moment, let them be surprise and happy, giving birth to the creativity, desires of the multitude – let them come true, dreams of incredible – and, as usual, in Your hands becoming reality! Wish to continue to hear Your unique voice with these adorable notes! Allowing you to learn about yourself more and more, and only slightly raising the corners of the curtain, You make sense of delight, of gratitude, of care. to You to grow all the time! And thank You for that much! Healthy and happy raise all its friendly and talented family! Even if the world is cornflower blue the sounds of Rachmaninoff! Alla, I love infinite!”, – posted by Olesya Sudzilovskaya.

Many close friends, for example, Valentin Yudashkin, was limited to simple greetings on the network. They can say Alla Borisovna all personally. Others shared funny clips with cartoon Diva, as did fashion designer Igor Gulyaev. Or sharing photos and Vyacheslav Manucharov, or a song dedication, as Dima Bilan.

But fans of all my love poured into the network and your favourite singer was congratulated in the morning until midnight, collected collages, sang songs and showered the virtual hearts.