Agniyu Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadova suspected of reunification

Агнию Дитковските и Алексея Чадова заподозрили в воссоединении The fans decided that the ex-couple resting together. Agniya Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov place in microblogs like vacation photos. Attentive followers have already hastened to rejoice for the couple.
Агнию Дитковските и Алексея Чадова заподозрили в воссоединении

Now the famous actor Alexei Chadov spends a vacation on the Adriatic coast. He chose Venice. There he went with his beloved son Fedor. The man regularly talks about how spends hours next to the heir.

However, fans suspected that Agnia Ditkovskite also went on holiday with his son and is now in the same place where the ex-husband. In his daughter Tatyana Lyutaeva there were pictures that were made on the sea shore. Also the actress has pictures depicting a child sitting in the sand. However, it is not excluded that Chadov sends ex-wife a photo of how spends time Fedor.

Almost simultaneously, the Alex and Agnes appeared identical publication in microblogs. In both photos and Chadov and Ditkovskite stand on the wooden walkway of the beach back to the camera and look towards the sea. These images have led fans to the conclusion that the couple spends time together.

“Glad you’re together with the father of Theodore”, “her?”, “You are finally together again!”, “I really hope that you are together again with her husband”, “They like to get together again with Alex. It is a fact. They have stories associated with same,” wrote a follower.

The artists themselves do not tell any details about the rest. Ditkovskite leaves geotags to their publications. Fans of the actors still think a couple Agnes and Alexei one of the most beautiful in the Russian show-business. Some still hope that they can forgive each other old insults and be together again.

However, just a couple of weeks ago the wife received an official divorce. Despite the fact that they have been together for about two years, only recently the court terminated their marriage. According to the documents, that Agnes was the initiator and appealed to the authorities.

Alexei Chadov admitted that he is now set to start a family. He told me that his friends are very happy and are raising children. The artist himself did not dwell on the details of his new novel, and confined itself to stating that his heart is occupied. Alexei Chadov has hinted at the creation of a new family