Агния Кузнецова во второй раз вышла замуж Actress again married with dancer Maksim Petrov. This time the lovers were married in Siberia where they were both born. Thus the stars celebrated not only the anniversary of their engagement, but also the birthday of Agnes.

      Агния Кузнецова во второй раз вышла замуж

      July 15, the star of the film “All will die, and I will remain” Agnes Kuznetsova was 31 years old. And a day later, the celebrity celebrated another important event in my life. It’s been almost a year since the time she married 37-year-old dancer Maksim Petrov. Without hesitation, happy birthday girl decided to marry again for the beloved. To do this, Agnes and Maxim went to Gorno-Altaisk, where not only rested and enjoyed the local flavor, but again tried on wedding dresses. By the way, the husband Kuznetsova was born in Altai Krai, in Barnaul.

      “A year engaged 10 months as married. Love you, my Scorpio,” said the actress in her Instagram. To your post Agnes added hashtags “wedding” and “Siberia, mon Amour”.
      Агния Кузнецова во второй раз вышла замуж

      The actress also wished happiness to his followers. “All the joy in the family! Family,” wrote Smith.

      Fans of Agnes noted that she looks terrific and was glad of her happiness. “Wonderful”, “Beauty”, “Energy through the roof,” “Bitterly!”, “Agnes original and beautiful way”, “What a beautiful couple, I wish you happiness”, “Fun, positive!”, “Wow, congratulations”, “take care of each other”, “Council Yes love,prosperity and understanding,” they wrote in the comments.

      Агния Кузнецова во второй раз вышла замуж

      Recall that the actress Agniya Kuznetsova and dancer Maksim Petrov were married in September of last year. The lovers met at the birthday party of the daughter of the Director Valeria Gai Germanicus. Then when agniyu invited to participate in the project “Dances with stars”, the girl began to communicate more closely with Petrov.

      Агния Кузнецова во второй раз вышла замуж

      According to the journalists, the wedding of Agnes and Maxim was held in a Moscow registry office. Everything was very modest. The actress was wearing a bright dress with a simple edge, and the groom wore a suit with a white shirt and tie. The ceremony was mostly friends of the couple. In the interview, the actress said that besides her father, other relatives of the newlyweds were not. The fact that the close stars live in Barnaul and Novosibirsk. In this regard, Kuznetsova was thinking about how to play a second wedding in Siberia. According to the artist, she would like to arrange a real Russian holiday with family.

      Agnia Kuznetsova was married to a dancer

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