Agnia Ditkovskite told about the unexpected talent of the son

Агния Дитковските рассказала о неожиданном таланте сына
The actress showed the first three-year work of Theodore.

Agnia Ditkovskite

Photo: Instagram

Son of Agnes Ditkovskite struck her, showing surprising for such a young age talent. A three-year
Fedor took a picture of the actress, and the picture turned out so successful that star
decided to publish it on the page in a social network. “The dancing mother
the eyes of the son of Fyodor” — proudly signed it photo.

It is worth noting that
Agnes and her mother Tatiana lutaeva not once told me how for his age intellectually
and Fyodor physically developed. The “blame” is not only good genes, but
how much effort and attention is paid to the boy’s parents and grandmother. When Fyodor was not
three years old, he was sent to kindergarten, where he studied three languages: French,
English and Chinese.

“Created this children’s club was French, living in
Russia. She also teaches in small group and grandson,” shared Tatiana. Also in the garden of Fyodor do
music and mastering the game of chess. At home with the boy are taught Lithuanian and
constantly improving Russian. Don’t forget the parents about physical development
child. With two years, Fyodor has been swimming under the guidance of experienced