Agnes, Ditkovskite found for son’s unusual nanny

Агния Дитковските нашла для сына необычную няню
Actress asks for help of his younger brother.

Agnes and Dominique

Photo: Philip Goncharov

After her divorce from Alexei Chadov Agniya Ditkovsky often
asks to watch son Fedor, who will turn two years old, his younger brother. According to
actress, Dominique is controlled with the nephew the best of all professional

“To me it is very helping and supporting,” says Agnes. — Dominic is my support”.
Ditkovskite, admitted that can not bring up his son in severity, she believes,
that till two years the child can only
to indulge. But the brother can criticize
Fedor for the cause, and praise him when he deserves it.

By the way, despite the eleven years difference in age,
Agnes and Dominique are very friendly. Brother and sister not only care about each other,
but advice — for almost any reason. For example,
Agnes urges his brother to acquire a good profession. “Enough in the family
artists, ” says Agnes. — We do not need all of it.” Dominic is currently completing grade 11 and
preparing to enter the Higher School of Economics.

We will remind, in a candid interview with the magazine “7 days” Agnes, Ditkovskite shared that while creating for the son of Fyodor all conditions after
the separation from her husband, actor Alexey Chadov, the baby, of course, have
it is not easy. “A small child is not able to analyze the situation he lives
instincts, therefore, still can not understand: accustomed or not to the fact that
parents are not together, ” says the actress. — Of course, for any child
separation of parents is a trauma, but he will understand it only when
grow up, and I hope God will give us wisdom and strength to explain everything correctly
son, with minimal damage to it. Me in the childhood, such as divorce
parents happy with the fact that I could constantly wander from house to house. Mom
quarrel, going to the Pope. And Vice versa. But now I understand that this story is me
of course, it hurt somewhere inside. Fortunately, I have wonderful teachers,
which helped me to deal with the attitude to this situation.”

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