Aglaia Tarasova relieves stress box

Аглая Тарасова снимает стресс боксом
The actress was fond of extreme sports.

Aglaia Tarasova

Photo: Olga Pavlova

Aglaia Tarasova since childhood, prefers to keep emotions in himself: it is easier to throw them out on others. “I guess this does not need to regret, because life is one, and it is better to tell people the truth, — said the actress. — Although, perhaps, I am too emotional and unrestrained”. These “explosive” personality traits and inspired Aglaia Boxing. “I love coming to the gym and relieve stress that has accumulated over the day, month, — said the actress. Boxing helps to relieve stress and to feel alive and free.”

Aglaia is not the only celebrity that of all the possible training chooses Boxing. It seems that recently this kind of sports is most popular amongst the stars. Do not hide that happy “hitting the heavy bag”, Victoria Daineko, Ingrid Olerinsky, Ivan Zhidkov, miloš Bykowicz, Natalia Rudova, Maria Sharapova, Maria Shumakova, Natalia Medvedeva, and many others.

Ksenia Borodina, always referring to the sport as an essential part of my life, explained why, of all the types of physical activity chose Boxing. The numerous questions fans why the presenter prefers, this is not a female sport, she says: “the fact is that when Boxing utilizes all muscle groups. Before start to fight, there is a preparation in the form of exercises, and after the ring — exercises for legs and abs. Besides, it’s a crazy adrenaline!”By the way, Christina Aguilera loves to work with his fists in gloves. The singer chose a dynamic box. She says that these classes, in addition, are also a wonderful cardio workout.