Aglaia Tarasova and Milos Bikovich merged in the arms after a breakup

Аглая Тарасова и Милош Бикович слились в объятиях после расставания It is not excluded that between the former sweethearts will return the feelings. Aglaia Tarasova and Milos Bikovich announced the breakup in early April. Now, however, they gave hope to the fans about a possible reunion.
Аглая Тарасова и Милош Бикович слились в объятиях после расставания

Not so long ago actors Aglaia Tarasova and Milos Bikovich said that they are no longer together. Artists who played in the movie “Ice,” met for a year and a half. For fans of their breakup was a real surprise.

However, at the party, held in the framework of the 40th Moscow international film festival, Aglaia and Milos behave towards each other warmly enough – the actor hugged the former chosen one’s waist and never took his eyes off her. Some are talking about their possible reunion.

However, it is possible that between colleagues kept cordial relations, despite the break, and they don’t pass each other side and support a friendly chat. However, many fans believed the couple’s daughter Ksenia Rappoport and Serbian actor one of the most beautiful in cinema.

In early April, Aglaia and miloš has published on his page in the microblog are almost identical messages. They told the fans that the cause of the rupture was the lack of free time which they could spend with each other.

“Unfortunately, after fifteen years of marriage, we decided to leave. It happened because of frantic schedules and constant travel. We tried to play together every waking minute, but it so happened that this was not enough. We continue to treat each other with great love and respect. And remain close friends and colleagues. We hope for your support and understanding and thank you for all the kind words you said about us during this happy period,” shared the couple.

Before Aglaya and Milos was happy to talk about their joint life. For the sake of Bykowicz girl even started to learn the Serbian language and to get acquainted with the culture of his country. Now the man lives in two countries – it often happens in Russia, where it is picked up in various patterns. His career in our country began with the film of Nikita Mikhalkov “sunstroke”. The young actor met with the famous Director at the Moscow film festival, when he arrived to present the Serbian film with his participation. He then became popular for her role in the TV series “Hotel Eleon”.