Agibalova missed the court with Africanoboi due to health problems

Агибалова пропустила суд с Африкантовой из-за проблем со здоровьем Today was held hearing the famous “mam telestroke”. Irina Agibalova sued to Tatiana Afrikanova for slander. However, both participants of the conflict are unable to attend the preliminary meeting.

      Агибалова пропустила суд с Африкантовой из-за проблем со здоровьем

      Recently, the star of “House-2” Irina Agibalova went to court to protect his honour from slander. In her opinion, another participant of the scandalous TV show, Tatiana Afrikantov, disseminates false information. The woman claimed that Irina was in prison, and promised to prove a criminal past. Today held a hearing on the charges Africanoboi defamation.

      Despite the fact that both “mam telestroke” was so important to defend their opinion, they were not in the courtroom. Instead, they were attended by the lawyers who represented the interests of each party. Apparently, to make the right decision and sentence failed. The hearing was moved to February 16.

      “Still on me raining down insults Africanoboi. I’m very worried. Today I felt so bad that I couldn’t come to the meeting. I have much blood pressure rose. Doctors diagnosed a hypertensive crisis”, – told the “StarHit” Agibalov.
      Агибалова пропустила суд с Африкантовой из-за проблем со здоровьем

      Tatiana Afrikantov missed court. She listened to the advice of counsel, who recommended that she stay at home. Irina denies Tatiana Vladimirovna, who believes that she spent some time behind bars. Afrikantov argues that information about convictions Agibalova is freely available on the Internet. According to women, this lawsuit is just another way to make money. Irina Agibalova: “due to slander Africanoboi I could be in trouble with a tumor”

      “Rat Agibalova, you to my heels to lick and lick! Touch me, I will crush you! Cook in the kitchen thinks that no one will know. I have it on paper from the FSB, as it is in Kazakhstan was in for fraud. Just let them mouth off about me, rat, it’s all gonna come online! All her black Affairs. You have a lot of black spots in your life. Touch me – gouging! I have a whole envelope about you, I have a dossier on you from the FSB. Crush! The whole world will know that you sat. Came from Kazakhstan, builds himself Sobchak here. Nothing to greedy, Agibalova! She came to the shooting of the New year, because I was afraid that I will come out with a poster “view Agibalova dark past”. My dad phoned the FSB and from there extract made. So I have paper and files on Agibalova, it’s dirt!” asked Afrikantov.

      Despite the fact that Irina sued to Tatiana Vladimirovna, she is quite indulgent to the offender. Agibalov believes that all statements of Afrikantova nothing more than slander and fiction, and the reason for such strange behavior can be only one – her offender can not accept the success of his colleagues in telestroke. Agibalova about the scandal with Africanoboi: “She needs to be treated”

      “Yeah, that stupid female jealousy. Exactly. Of course, I was the first mother in the “House-2”, and then there was Olga Gobozova, Tatiana and all the rest. But this does not mean that the latter can now pour me and my family through the mud. She thinks I still gave the project a house, a car, a fur coat, appearance. Yes I had it before the show! And generally got me through their own labor, sweat and blood. It was very hard, but I’ve done it myself. She was even compared with his daughter Marina. I said to this girl very good attitude. Says she has 1.3 million subscribers and you have only half a million. About the fact that she has 38 thousand, she was silent. I think for me as for the former, and even age member, “House”, this is a very good number,” said Agibalova in conversation with “StarHit”.