Агибалова и Кузин окончательно помирились Within two months, the star of the reality show “Dom-2” Margarita Agibalova lives with the children and second husband in Cyprus. Recently a young woman took Eugene to visit a Cousin, the father of her little Mitya. According to Margaret, they were able to forget all the scandals c ex-spouse and to find a common language with each other for the sake of the son.

      Агибалова и Кузин окончательно помирились

      The star of the show “Dom-2” several months living in Cyprus with his son Mitya and daughter Bella. According to Margaret, she likes it on the island. When they were going abroad, a mother of two children explained why they go there. “About moving to Cyprus – we wouldn’t be forever! We’re just on a long vacation. When we get back? Don’t know, not soon. In Cyprus even in bad weather, all is calm, measured life, no fuss, nerves, tubes. All the people on the positive, smile almost all the time. I love children. We are here for good! And this is important!” – said Margarita.

      Recently on a visit to Agibalova came to her ex-husband Evgeny Kuzin. Despite the fact that the pair couldn’t keep the love to each other, they still communicate without problems. Father was very happy to see his son Mitya. By the way, earlier ex-beloved, constantly sorted out the relations, Margaret did not give my Wife to see the child. Son by Margarita Agibalova began to forget his own father

      “A lot of it was just. Both good and bad. But for my son it is necessary to go all out! To overcome the distance, to forget past grievances. I’m glad we are, though after some time, I was able to find a common language with Eugene. All for the sake of his name. He should be happy and the parents have to help him! And Mitya happy knowing that he is loved and mommy and daddy! Eugene came today to visit their son. For Mitushi it was a surprise, a very pleasant surprise. I love to please son,” said Margaret, showing a picture of ex-wife along with boy.

      Mitya holds toys and seems very happy. Subscribers Agibalova believe that she made the right decision to go for a compromise with Kuzin for my son. “You are very clever! It is an act of a wise woman!”, “For the sake of children could do much! Happiness to your family are endless!”, – praised Marguerite for her fans.

      Recall that a cousin and Agibalova began to build relations in the framework of the project “Dom-2”. They began to clash with another site of the reality show, but Margaret’s pregnancy changed their relationship. However, to keep the love pair failed. Margaret remarried. Her second husband was Paul Marceau, whose name it eventually took. Mitya got on well with the new husband of the mother that provoked discontent Cousin. Gradually Margarita realized that the conflict with the ex-lover reveals not her son, so she made a step towards reconciliation.

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