Agent Mariah Carey with Russian roots sued her in court

Агент Мэрайи Кери с русскими корнями подала на нее в суд

Mariah Carey once again facing a lawsuit from a once-close friend and agent Stella Bulochnikov. Previously, they were not spill water: joint travel, expensive gifts and holidays. All of this was before life singer Brian Tanaka, which completely replaced Bakers. Taking the case of Carey in his hands, Stella’s left work, what with the tore up the contract. The girl was infuriated and filed a subpoena.

Агент Мэрайи Кери с русскими корнями подала на нее в суд

According to TMZ, she plans to show Keri the prosecution for violation of the civil rights act and fair employment. The reason for the lawsuits was the dismissal in the middle of a three-year contract.

Not without sexual harassment, which are very fashionable to blame the world stars. Allegedly, Mariah appeared naked in front of the agent, thereby causing her irreparable moral damage.

Edition of Page Six decided to dig deeper and find out what they think about the situation, representatives of the singer. “The work of Stella Bulochnikov as Manager Mariah was discontinued because it did not effectively doing their job. Stella’s was not a contract for employment. She spreads false rumors. We will not respond to lies and threats. If this unreasonable requirement will be submitted to the court, we successfully repel the attack.”

The main thing that this situation did not affect the health of the singer, who recently confessed to a serious diagnosis. 48-year-old Carey became the heroine of the new issue of People magazine, in which he told about his illness — bipolar disorder. Diagnosed his star in 2001.

After a nervous breakdown, the singer got the survey to the doctor, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For a long time Cary couldn’t believe what was happening, so for professional assistance recently. “Until recently, I lived in isolation, denial and constant fear that someone else will expose. It was too heavy burden I had to bear. And at some point I realized that I could no longer do that. Then I asked for help and took a course of therapy. I surround myself with positive people and returned to what I love to do — began to write poetry and music,” she said.

In his instagram, the singer shared the cover of the new issue of the journal, signing it: “I’m Very glad to share with you part of my journey.”

At the moment, the singer continues to struggle with the disease and its symptoms by taking a special medication for bipolar disorder the second type, which is sometimes accompanied by depression and hypomania. “For a long time I believed that I have trouble sleeping. But it was not like the usual insomnia when you lay counting sheep. I worked all the time and was very irritable. I was afraid I’d let people down. It was like an addiction. I felt very lonely and felt guilty for not doing anything for his career. Now I take the meds so that you don’t feel tired or sluggish. Finding the right balance — that is very important,” said Cary.