Age “StarHit” met Andrey Malakhov

Ровесник «СтарХита» познакомился с Андреем Малаховым The boy from the village of Malakhovka was born on 22 Nov 2007. Today student Sasha also turned 10 years old. Child loves astronomy, going to English classes and enjoys chess.
Ровесник «СтарХита» познакомился с Андреем Малаховым

On the eve of the anniversary of the magazine in the editorial wondered what else would surprise our readers. And decided to make one of them a surprise. But its implementation was not so easy. Seest – to find the age of the “StarHit”! Helped the power of the Internet: the Network revealed a third-grade student of school №48 little village. It is symbolic that the name of the settlement Malahovka. Coincidence? I don’t think… Sasha Mazwai as “StarHit”, November 22, marks 10 years.

“I did and in the dream I could not imagine”, – Sasha is surprised when we tell them that he was waiting for gifts from your favorite magazine moms and a meeting with the chief editor. But the next day the boy quite confidently answers the questions well-known TV presenter in the Studio “Andrey Malakhov. Live” where we brought him together with his mother Olga to visit.

“Sasha, you for the first time on television. Cameras are not afraid? Here’s memorabilia,” says Andrew gives our hero a bag of soft plaid, switchedon with a vibrant print and a book on astronomy.

“How did you know I was interested in this science, know all the constellations?” Sasha seems to be in shock. “It’s my job to know everything about everyone,” says our senior editor. The boy says that he manages to four times a week to attend fencing lessons, and in addition, attending additional classes in English and interested in chess is to play them his mother taught. Plans to enter in the Suvorov military school to become the inventor of weapons.

“I am confident, you have a second Kalashnikov!” laughed Malakhov, hugged Sasha. Our age had a tour of the Studio and even drink tea in the dressing room Andrew. I want him remembered for a long time such a surprise.

And in turn, I hope that dream will come true Sasha. Wish him to grow up smart and obedient boy. And if he becomes a great inventor, be sure to take his interview!