Agatha told about family problems

Агата поведала о семейных проблемах
The latest edition of the “one” was devoted to star a family of actors Paul Priluchnogo and Agatha muceniece.

Агата поведала о семейных проблемах

The conversation was quite candid, in the course of which Agatha remembered his childhood. It turned out that her grandmother tried to sue her mom all her property.

“Mom got married quite early. And my dad was a bartender. Mother gave birth to two children, one by one. Dad died when he was 40 years old, and left a bunch of debt, a lot of things: apartment, car… My late grandmother, Anna Ivanovna, suddenly decided that they should sue us all you left us dad. Mom drags five years in the courts,” – said Agata.

At the moment the couple live in the countryside in a cottage, which was repaired this winter.

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